Friday, April 06, 2007

Piling it on...

I'm trying to see that all of the stuff life is piling on right just stuff. Why should it feel any different than a cascade of flowers descending on me? What's the difference anyway? It's just stuff, it's dealt with and I move on.

While I can understand all this intellectually (and even as a child I would trick myself into moving through school work in the same way...telling myself if I wasn't doing that work I'd just being *doing* something else)...sometimes I lack the energy to incorporate it wholly into my being. Or maybe I lack that ability because I expend so much energy fighting what simply is.

Still, this age I am in in my womanhood seems incredibly taxing and it might behoove me to be gentle with myself...whenever and however I am able. It's not a bad idea to nurture one's self, in any case.

And in other news...
I took some digital images of this flower stalk (rhubarb, in my garden) and this Holga image would've been perfect (taken using the close up filter) except that the back of the camera had slipped off at one point. One whole frame was completely milky, from light exposure. This frame is about 1/3 exposed to that light and hence has a prominent light leak...but I still like the image, strangely enough.


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