Sunday, April 08, 2007


The family came...and went...and in between enjoyed good food and conversation. I'm grateful for the pleasurable time together.

I'm tired now...but anxious. Tomorrow will be an interesting day, given Matt's hip replacement surgery. He's never been in surgery...and the only times I've ever experienced the hospital personally have been the births of my two kids (which were kind of surgeries, beign c-sections). Tonight, he'll pack a little kit and we'll drive over there in the morning. I'll leave him, after I see him off into the hands of the doctor. Since the surgery is likely to last a few hours, and he'll be out of it until evening, the doctor seemed to recommend simply getting a hold of me via cell phone when he finishes.

I have all sorts of emotions and thoughts floating around, but in my gut I feel confident that all will work out well.

Perhaps Easter is a good time for something like this...auspicious.


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